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The Realtors of choice when it comes to Cranston!
December 2020

Pre-listing Review

Because our home is our biggest asset, we had specific criteria in what we were looking for in a realtor when we decided to sell our home. 

We wanted: 

● Someone Intimately Familiar with the Local Cranston Market and our Neighborhood ● A Seasoned Authority and Advisor in the Real Estate Arena 

● “A Good Fit”. (Compatibility) As we would be entering into a relationship with that Realtor 

● Open Communication and Professionalism throughout the sales process 

After careful consideration and narrowing our choices, we met with our select few and made our decision. Ultimately it came down to Professionalism, Knowledge of our Neighborhood, Presentation Skills and Enthusiasm. Carole and Janet Scaralia have all these characteristics and more. They not only talk the talk but also walk the walk. Within the first week, they have already exceeded our expectations. They sent over a professional stager for a complimentary consultation, then they themselves assisted us with staging the property. The professional photographer has already been over capturing the beauty and comfort of our home. If you are thinking of selling, you owe it to yourself to consider Carole and Janet, these sisters are professionals with great personality and enthusiasm! 



We believe that our choice of realtors made a big difference in the final outcome. We now have a lifelong friendship and will always refer everyone and anyone to Carole and Janet Scaralia. We know other realtors in Rhode Island, but we insisted on selecting an experienced, savvy, local realtor most familiar with the Cranston market. The Scaralia Sisters of Albert Realtors have proven to be the Realtors of choice when it comes to Cranston!

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